So here we are! has gone live.  The Web Distillery has been online at a .com domain name for the last few years so why have we moved and rebranded?

Well we think that it is important for any business to keep their online entity fresh and current and that is what lead us to start this whole process.  We felt that although our website was serving its purpose it was not all it could be and the decision was made to go for a full face lift.

Whilst we haven't changed what we do inherently we feel that the new look to our site is cleaner, fresher and serves the purpose of showing potential clients what we do better.

So why the .je?  As a Jersey based company we want to appeal to Jerseys small businesses and we simply felt that moving our site to a .je domain name would help us to connect with people and businesses that want excellent service and a quality product but from a local business.

We hope that you like the new site!  Please feel free to leave any comments you might have about it below.

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