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The Client:

Authentically Being was created by founder Lesley whilst moving through her own journey of discovery.

Lesley has spent 15 years in a corporate environment successfully building a career that takes her across the globe and face to face with 1000s of people.  Today she designs and delivers learning programmes within the financial services industry focussing on behavioural change.  Lesley is a certified leadership coach and has been coaching and whole range of people from boardroom executives to teachers in Sierra Leone and since 2015.

Lesley has a strong belief that being truly content and happy requires individuals to discover and build their authenticity.  In early 2020 Lesley set up Authentically Being to channel efforts into helping individuals and businesses through coaching programmes, immersive workshops and advisory consulting.

Today Lesley prides herself in helping people explore, challenge & grow in a way that aligns to their authentic needs.

The Design Brief:

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