Spiffy Gets A Facelift

We have worked closely with Spiffy ever since we started work on their original website.  With their business growing and developing it was decided that the Spiffy team wanted the website to have a bit of a makeover.  What we delivered wasn’t really a makeover but an entirely new website.  We built the site on one of our test domains and once it was ready to go we simply switched it!  To find out more about the project and what it involved click here.You can view the website at spiffy.je.

heat.je Is Officially Live

The Web Distillery is happy to announce the all new heat.je website. The Heat team came to us with lots of great ideas and plenty of images to use which made building the site a pleasure. We are sure that you will be hearing plenty more about Heat in the future!

HEAT is unique. It’s one of the best culinary competitions out there that gives students an opportunity like no other. In previous years, chefs from Michelin starred restaurants leading the college teams have included Mark Jordan, Frances Atkins and Lee Smith.

To find out more about this project and about how we can help your business please go to: https://thewebdistillery.je/projects/heat/

To visit the website please go to: https://heat.je/

Welcoming physiofit.je

We always lovely welcoming new clients into the fold!  PhysioFit are an established and highly skilled team of physiotherapists practicing right here in Jersey. Work on the all new physiofit.je website is well underway and will contain exciting features such as an online booking system for clients.  As soon as the site is ready to go we will let you know!

Welcome To Our New Website

So here we are!  thewebdistillery.je has gone live.  The Web Distillery has been online at a .com domain name for the last few years so why have we moved and rebranded?

Well we think that it is important for any business to keep their online entity fresh and current and that is what lead us to start this whole process.  We felt that although our website was serving its purpose it was not all it could be and the decision was made to go for a full face lift.

Whilst we haven't changed what we do inherently we feel that the new look to our site is cleaner, fresher and serves the purpose of showing potential clients what we do better.

So why the .je?  As a Jersey based company we want to appeal to Jerseys small businesses and we simply felt that moving our site to a .je domain name would help us to connect with people and businesses that want excellent service and a quality product but from a local business.

We hope that you like the new site!  Please feel free to leave any comments you might have about it below.

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