Website Coming Soon

We are happy to announce another new clients website will be launching very soon. SM2 Seabed Minerals ( are global specialists in Seabed Mapping, Deep Site Investigations and Seabed Mining.  The website will comprise of plenty of moving images, interactive sections and video. We have worked closely on this one with Traction Design who have designed the SM2 logo along with business cards and branded stickers.  We are looking forward to showing you all this one when it's ready!

Spiffy Gets A Facelift

We have worked closely with Spiffy ever since we started work on their original website.  With their business growing and developing it was decided that the Spiffy team wanted the website to have a bit of a makeover.  What we delivered wasn’t really a makeover but an entirely new website.  We built the site on one of our test domains and once it was ready to go we simply switched it!  To find out more about the project and what it involved click here.You can view the website at

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